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Our services

As PLAND YACHT CLUB company, we offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the sea. You can freely navigate the sea with our daily boat tours or weekly charter options.

Our boats are extremely comfortable and safe. Thanks to our high-quality equipment, you can safely travel at sea. We also provide the necessary materials for many activities you can do at sea.

PlanD Luxury Rental olarak 33 adet motoryatımız ile hizmetinizdeyiz.

Helikopter Kiralama

PlanD Luxury Rental olarak 1 adet helikopter ile hizmetinizdeyiz.

Transfer Hizmetleri

Antalya'ya geldikten sonra artık PlanD Luxury Rental'in misafirisiniz. Havalimanı, otogar transferlerinde de yanınızdayız.

Özel Jet Kiralama

PlanD Luxury Rental olarak 1 adet özel jet ile hizmetinizdeyiz.

PlanD Luxury Rental olarak 22 adet lüks aracımız ile hizmetinizdeyiz.


Yemekli, yemeksiz; ister karada ister denizde her türlü organizasyon hizmetinde de yanınızdayız.

Your Valuable Comments

Ayse Zeynep

Really zero problems, super attention and relevance. It was my first chance to have such a perfect vacation . Thank you Plan D
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